About Duchess

From Acorn to Oak – Duchess Cupcakes – As with many a cake company, Duchess Cupcakes started life as a bit of a hobby. The odd birthday cake here and there for friends and family and it’s surprising how quickly word spreads! Next thing we knew, orders were flooding in and we moved to the next level – business. It seems we have something special here!

Having an already established interest in the industry meant that a chef and cake designer were already on-board so now we have a family-run business producing a vast array of different cupcakes and celebration cakes throughout the year.

Satin cupcakes

Our Passion for Excellence
Our primary concern is to produce delicious and attractively designed cupcakes and celebration cakes as well as cookies and muffins to your specifications so if you have something special in mind, a particular event or colour scheme perhaps, or even just an idea for a cake that you would like us to produce, please feel free to contact us and we feel confident that between us, we will produce the right result for you.

Our designer spends many an hour creating new styles and variations looking for the unique as well as trying out new flavours and recipes to ensure cupcake perfection. The Duchess Cupcake family also encompasses some with allergies and with this in mind, we have tried and tested various recipes until we have decided upon the best gluten and wheat free recipes for cakes.

We have a secure online shop ordering system for everyday orders but for special requirements just drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  1. Rachel Clare says:

    hello Duchess
    I'm doing a 6th birthday party for my daughter Yasmin on 28th April and spotted your moshi monster cupcakes… would you be able to do us a set of 15?  
    speak soon I hope, Rachel